pvc strip curtain For daily use

Author: Xieren Time: 2017/03/31

Henan Xieren Safety Screens Co.,Ltd.

Energy Cost Savings

Every area of your facility may require different levels of heating and cooling.

For example, you may only want to heat or cool the section of building where employees are working or invaluable equipment is housed. Instead of regulating the entire building’s temperature, you can focus on that specific section by installing strip doors.

The thickness and insulation that PVC strip curtains provide will effectively keep the chilled or heated air contained—and your electricity and gas bills will be significantly less.

Strip door curtains are also effective in maintaining airflow for particular locations within a building where temperatures may fluctuate, such as welding areas or freezers.

By creating a specific area for activities that invite either low or high temperatures with strip curtains, you can prevent the irregular temperature from dissipating throughout the facility and ultimately keep the building regulated.

Strip doors are also commonly used in addition to regular doors as an added measure for maintaining a specific temperature.

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